How to choose safe clothing for sex dolls

If you want to know which clothing is okay to use on sex dolls, here are some tips:
1) Stick with 'loose fitting' clothes, avoid 'textured' fabrics like denim or lace as well as clothing with protruding elements such as buttons. These are okay for short term use (ie photoshoots) but should not be used for long term wear.
2) When choosing long term wear, choose light colors - preferably either white or a color along the lines of the doll skin tone. Nylon, rayon, polyester and other synthetic fabrics are generally safer to use as they are less likely to stain.
3) Always hand wash new doll clothes first. Then wash in washing machine 2-3 times for ultimate safety from stains. You can also use a color sealer (such as Rit) or soaking the clothing item in a vinegar and water solution. The vinegar will help seal in the color.