Return & Cancellation Policy


How do I return an item?

Here at Spartan Lover we have earned the BEST reputation in our industry for service and satisfaction. We want to make sure every order you place is a great experience and that we quickly resolve any concerns you might have. We stand behind all of our products, and guarantee your item to be without damage, defects, and as described.

  • If your purchase is defective or significantly not as described, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a free replacement, store credit, or a partial refund.
  • If your doll arrived with a scratch, use these simple instructions to repair it easily.
  • If there's a rip or a tear, use these instructions.
  • If your doll arrived irreparably damaged, call Fedex at 1-800-GO-FEDEX or UPS at 1-800-742-5877 to open a damage claim, then email us with your claim number and photos of the damage, including the photos of the damaged box, photo of the shipping label, and a photo of the Customs inspection label if applicable. Let us know if you would like a replacement, store credit or a partial cash refund. There are no full refunds. 
  • If you no longer want or don't like the goods (too big, too small, changed your mind, etc.), we do not accept returns based on this reason because as soon as you receive your product, it becomes used, and we are not allowed to resell used sex products based on sanitary regulations. 

We cannot accept returns without an RMA, so please contact the customer service first. If you send a package back without an RMA, it will be returned back to you and this will incur very high shipping fees (it is very expensive to ship dolls by air) and you may be liable for these fees.  



How do I cancel a ready-to-ship order?

Our Cancellation Policy does not allow cancellations for ready-to-ship items. By placing an order with our store, you agree to our Terms of Service, including our Cancellation Policy. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be canceled. Due to the streamlined nature of our processing, orders are sent immediately for shipping and we are unable to retrieve individual packages due to the high volume and the high speed of fulfillment. Even if you send us a message requesting a cancellation 5 minutes after placing your order, your message usually will be read long after your package has already left the warehouse. Yes, our fulfillment is that fast. Our policies are not negotiable, and there are no exceptions.

Can I cancel a made-to-order doll order?

It takes a lot of resources to make a doll, and our artisans hand-craft it specifically for you to your custom specifications. With some models, an artist comes to work every day for 2 weeks just to individually implant hair to your doll strand by strand. Because there are dozens of dolls, each with hundreds of possible configurations, if you cancel it, it may be months or years before someone else orders a doll with the exact same configuration. That being said, we understand that life happens and sometimes you have to cancel a made-to-order custom doll when it is already in production. If you cancel early, we may be able to provide a cancellation with a 50% cancellation fee to cover wasted resources. Cancellations are not guaranteed. When requesting a cancellation, you must confirm that you are aware of the cancellation fee. This policy and the cancellation fee are not negotiable, and there are no exceptions. 

By placing an order in our store, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, including our Return and Cancellation policies.