• Can I get a different sized penis?

Each doll comes with its own set of penises. All available penises are listed on the doll's product page. No other penises are available. Penises from another doll are not compatible. 

  • Can I get a custom body or custom body part or a customization not listed on the product page?

Because dolls are made from a preset mold, the body shape cannot be customized. The only customizations available are the ones you see on the product page in the customization options. 

  • Can I get a different wig?

We do not offer specific wig choices, but we are happy to accept general wig requests (short blonde, long brown, etc.) and will do our best to accommodate that. 

  • If I order now, how soon will I receive it?

Please combine the production time listed on the product page with 10 days of shipping time. This is how long it will take to receive your doll. 

  • If I order a different head or a different penis, will it match the color of the body?

The skin color of the head and penises will always be the same as the body because we make both the head and the body at the same time. 

  • Can I see a comparison pic of X color vs Y color?

All available colors are shown in the "Skin color" section in the Customization options. 

  • Can I split the total among 2 different credit cards?

Yes, if you pay with Paypal, you will see this option in Paypal. 

  • Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer Paypal Credit "No Interest for 6 Months" to the customers in the US. Choose Paypal as the payment option, and you will see this option in your Paypal during the checkout. 

  • Do you offer a lay-a-way plan?

Yes, we offer a lay-a-way plan. Please contact Support with the name, size, and addon list for your order and how many payments you wish to make. We will split the total and send you invoices for each installment. We will start making your doll beforehand so it will be ready by the time you pay off your balance. 

  • I found the exact same doll for $5 on a backwater Chinese private seller marketplace. Can you price-match?

We do not do price matches. Chinese private sellers are notorious for not knowing anything about male dolls and then not fixing their mistakes. Their listings almost always have incorrect product information, and the dolls very often arrive not as described, often being completely different and made of hazardous recycled material. Also their shipping can take 2 months in addition to unpredictable production time. Our shipping takes 7-10 days and we keep our production timeframes constantly updated, so you know exactly when you will receive your doll from us.

Also, there's a certain category of sellers who don't deliver anything at all. Use common sense, it costs hundreds of dollars to ship a huge 100+ lb package, especially by air during a pandemic, and the dolls themselves are made by hand over a course of 2-4 weeks. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

By buying from a reputable American store with the largest experience in male dolls you are paying for peace of mind that you will get what you ordered. You are also paying for support and replacement guarantee in case something goes wrong. It's like buying authentic software versus downloading free pirated one or paying for insurance versus driving uninsured. With Chinese marketplaces, you are gambling, and it may take you a few orders before you will get your doll as ordered, so in the end, there's a high chance you will pay more there than when you buy from a reputable and experienced store.

None knows male dolls better than we do, so in addition to the benefits above, with us you also receive free one-on-one consultations with our most experienced customization and repair experts for life. 

  • I would like to ship my doll to a PO Box or pick it up myself. 

Fedex and UPS do not ship to PO Boxes. Please enter your normal residential address, then once you receive a tracking number, contact the carrier and request a Hold For Pickup. 

  • The head I received doesn't have an oral opening. 

Please make sure the product description says the doll has an oral opening. If yes, the oral opening is very tight, and it is common to miss it. Please explore it again to find it.

  • My doll's joints are stiff. 

 The joints will loosen over time.

  • How do I put the wig on? The wig won't stay on. 

Click here to see the instructions on how to put a wig on your sex doll. 

  • How do I get a rebate for a video review?

If you see a rebate offer on your doll's page, we are looking for a video review for this doll. If you there's no rebate offer on your doll's page, we no longer offer a rebate for that doll.

If your doll qualifies for a rebate, we will be thrilled if you make a 5-10 minute video review with voice commentary and showcase the doll's parts (especially the butt because it is often ignored). We are looking for videos where shoppers can see the doll from different angles, the head with a wig on, penises attached to the body etc. You can include some of the unboxing to your video, but mainly we are looking to see the doll from all sides when he's unpacked and assembled. 

Once you have your doll all assembled, please make a quick (5+ minute) video overview of his body, penises, butt, and face, preferably standing so you can show him from all sides. Be sure to mention that you bought it from SpartanLover.com. Upload the video to Youtube with a link to our store. If you are having difficulty with Youtube, you can also send the video directly to us. We will issue an instant rebate.

  • It's been X days/weeks, what is the status of my order? 

The production time of your doll is listed on his product page. If it has been longer than that, please contact us. 

  • I think the carrier lost my package. I want my package or my money back.

Out of hundreds of dolls we've shipped, we have never had a permanently lost package. Sometimes (extremely rare) the package is temporarily misplaced, and you need to bring it to the attention of the carrier. Please call Fedex or UPS for any delivery-related questions. If you believe your package is lost, call Fedex/UPS and file a Lost Package Claim.

If the carrier completes their search and declares your package as Permanently Lost, please provide us with your Lost Package Claim number, and will send you a replacement or a refund. We will not issue a refund if Fedex or UPS are still looking for your package, so please allow them enough time to conclude their search. For any delivery-related questions, please call the carrier.




We ship worldwide (with the exception of sanctioned countries). 


USA: No taxes or fees.

Other countries: If you pay taxes and fees at checkout, you will not be billed upon receipt.  


US, small items: 1-7 days during COVID-19.

US and International, custom dolls: 7-10 days during COVID-19

International, items under $100: 10-20 days

International, machines and ready-to-ship torsos: 5-7 days.


For ready-to-ship items, you should receive an automated email with your tracking number within 7 days of placing your order (unless noted otherwise on the product page). Some orders take a day or two longer to process.

For made-to-order dolls, be sure to allow enough time for production as listed on the product page. Once the doll is ready, you will receive a tracking number.

If you didn't receive a tracking number, please check your spam folder, then try to look it up at https://spartanlover.com/pages/track-your-order. If you still need help, please Email Us.


We certainly do! All items ship in a generic brown box that doesn't reveal its content. Your credit card statement will show a generic name offering you a complete anonymity. With totally plain packaging, the only person getting excited by your delivery is you.


Please see our Cancellation Policy.


Please contact us on our customer service page.