What is ROS For Sex Dolls?

This month, everyone is talking about Real Oral Structure (ROS), so we’re answering all the big questions.

It’s such a new feature that we haven’t quite landed on a name – you might hear Real Oral Sex, Real Oral Structure, Realistic Oral Sex, Replication or Restoration of Oral Structure – or some combination of these, but it seems ROS is going to be the agreed acronym!

What is Real Oral Structure (in a Sex Doll)?

So, what is the deal with ROS, what is it? Well, before ROS, 99% of sex doll heads have been fairly static. For a very long time it seemed for anyone who wanted a sex doll with oral capability, the only answer was a TPE head. TPE heads have had oral capability for a while, and dolls made in TPE in general are notoriously more flexible than silicone. TPE can be made with a texture similar to how the internals of a vagina/anus is made, and TPE heads can be made with the much coveted enhanced mouth – an oral chamber with a soft tongue inside. For silicone heads, we haven’t had that, and for TPE heads we haven’t had the movable jaw, so one of the drawbacks to TPE oral has always been that the face and eyes bulge as you are effectively pushing TPE material out of the way. To put it simply, there has always been a drawback with oral sex and sex dolls, that is, until now...   

Realistic blowjobs from your favorite sex doll have finally arrived, and they call it... ROS.  

Introducing ROS, the solution we have all been waiting for! ROS is an upgrade available for silicone dolls that includes an ultra soft silicone openable mouth with a fully movable jaw! Inside the mouth includes super soft silicone teeth and realistic movable tongue and a textured palate on the entire mouth chamber. To say it's realistic would be an understatement, it's amazing. Ultra-real blowjobs on tap with super realistic silicone heads are finally here. Say goodbye to eye bulging, say hello to the best blow job you've ever had (from a sex doll). It's like the enhanced mouth upgrade (which is awesome), but better, much better.  


Real Oral Structure for Sex Dolls