How to move the doll around

As love dolls become increasingly realistic, it's easy to assume they might weigh as much as an actual person. Many TPE and silicone dolls can weigh up to 100 pounds or more, especially those categorized as larger in size.

The easiest way to transport a love doll is by using a wheelchair or a large office chair with multiple wheels. This method requires minimal effort from the owner and reduces the risk of sprains, injuries, backaches, or even anxiety of it. Additionally, it helps protect the doll from potential damage.

Another trick to move your doll around without lifting is to use furniture sliders, a dolly, or a hand truck. You may also consider wearing a brace

However, for those who are young and energetic, there are no limits. You might want to roleplay a specific scene or have some fun with the doll. Here are various ways to carry him that ensure a good workout and lots of fun.


Carry him like a baby. Position his arms straight out at shoulder level and lift his legs parallel to his arms with the knees bent. Pick him up like you would a child, holding his chest against yours with his arms wrapped around your neck and resting on your shoulder.


potato sack

Lift him by the waist and carry him over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Position your doll so he is slightly bent at the waist with his belly resting on your shoulder. Be cautious of tight turns and corners to avoid hitting his head against walls or doorways.


Fireman's carry

Lift the doll under one armpit, extending his arm along your neck towards your shoulder. Your shoulder should support him from below his head on one side and his hips on the other.



This method is straightforward: hoist him onto your back, with his arms wrapped around your shoulders and his legs around your waist. Simple and fun!


On - shoulder

Place him on your shoulder, ensuring his head is secure and balanced.


On Arm

If you've just tied the knot, carry him over the threshold in your arms.


Alcoholic Aid

Remember that friend who had a bit too much to drink? Wrap his arm around your shoulder, lift him by the waist, and help him home. Don't forget to hold the door open!


Stand him on your feet while holding his waist and waltz him through the door. Or face him the other way and go for a playful ride. Wink, wink!