Sex Machine Bundle #28-Spartan Lover
Sex Machine Bundle #28-Spartan Lover
Sex Machine Bundle #28-Spartan Lover
Sex Machine Bundle #28-Spartan Lover
Sex Machine Bundle #28-Spartan Lover
Sex Machine Bundle #28-Spartan Lover
Sex Machine Bundle #28-Spartan Lover
Sex Machine Bundle #28-Spartan Lover

Sex Machine Bundle #28

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  • Can be detached into a HANDHELD COCK GUN.
  • STRONG POWER WITH ADJUSTABLE SPEED: Simply use the included dial to adjust the thrusting speed / power of the machine. 
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: This machine can be set in almost every angle (up to 170°) so that you can enjoy enthusiastic play in innumerable positions.
  • POWERFUL SUCTION CUPS: 4 suction cups allow the machine to be secured onto any smooth surfaces for hands-free pleasure and improved traction.
  • STANDARD ATTACHMENT PORT for a variety of standard sex machine dildos. 
  • US/UK/AU/EU plugs
  • DISCREET & SAFE: All the attachments are 100% body-safe and easy to clean. We provide discreet shipping and billing to protect your privacy.
  • All our bundles contain the same machine. The only difference is the attachments.

* The product in the video is the same. The only difference is the shape of the machine's body. 


Our Sex Machine 3.0 will drill you ANY way you need. Keep it locked down in its stand and angle it to ANY height. You can even stand it up 170 degrees, stand up and feel it pump straight into your hole. Detach it and you have a rough, turbo-charged cock gun. It’s the most versatile sex machine we’ve seen, and it’s engineered to plow your field seamlessly with a large variety of cocks. 

Based on your feedback, it’s now equipped with a bigger motor that delivers over 20 PCT more TORQUE. We seriously ramped up the PUSH for when you need it most. 

Superior power is just the beginning. Most sex machines have controls that are too damn sensitive, not ours. Our big grippy dial has a good range, far less sensitive than ANY we've ever tested. The idea is to go SLOW carefully increasing the speed of the thrusts and that's what our Control does. Our Machine delivers a standard 2 inch thrust. 


Power Input: 110V-240V 50-60HZ
Comes with a US plug
Output:DC 12-24V 1~2V
Speed: 0-450 Times/Minute 
Back and Forth Part Move Distance: 6.5 cm
Adjusting Angle: About 85 degrees
Machine dimensions: Approx 14.6*7.1*5.9 inches
Package weight: 6 lb.