Adult Toy Cleaner - Anti-Bacterial Alcohol-Free Spray - 8 Oz-Spartan Lover
Adult Toy Cleaner - Anti-Bacterial Alcohol-Free Spray - 8 Oz-Spartan Lover

Adult Toy Cleaner - Anti-Bacterial Alcohol-Free Spray - 8 Oz

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Adult Toy Cleaner - Huge 8 Oz Bottle | Anti-Bacterial Spray Water Based ALCOHOL FREE

Anti-Bacterial Spray For Toys + Sex Games for Adults - Erotic Toy Cleaner for Men - Hypoallergenic Disinfectant Spray - Latex + Silicon Safe - Discreet Water Based Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Keep your sex toys and erotic items clean and odor free with Honeydew Antibacterial Agent Adult Toy Cleaner. Our chemical free cleaning product safely and gently ensure your pleasure devices stay bacteria and germ free. This water based cleanser contains gentle but effective ingredients which sanitize toys thoroughly. Preserve the life of your sex toys by keeping them germ and residue free.

Non-irritating formula is safe for sensitive skin. Keep immune system of yourself and your partner healthy by ensuring your sexual wellness items are always kept clean and germ free. This unscented disinfectant spray works on a large variety of materials, as sex toys come in a variety of different forms. It is effective on silicone items, latex, plastic, all lubricants and more!

Sexual pleasure items can become very unhygienic if they aren't cleaned regularly. Keep your sex tools and devices germ and odor free with our non toxic cleansing formula. Get rid of sticky, slimy, and smelly residue quickly and easily. If it is a battery powered device, remove batteries before using erotic toy cleaner. Simply spray anti-bacterial disinfectant spray liberally on pleasure product, then rinse with warm water pat dry. Our worry-free formula prevents and removes mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses. Use before and after for the most thorough cleaning.

  • Anti-Bacterial Adult Toy Cleaner
  • Sex Toy Disinfectant Spray
  • Hypoallergenic Hygiene Solution
  • Chemical Free Sanitizer
  • Water Based Non Toxic Formula
  • Cleaner for Sensitive Skin
  • Safe to Use on Silicon, Latex, and More!
  • Kills Germs Instantly
  • Helps Preserve the Life of Your Toys
  • Fragrance Free
  • Alcohol Free