Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black -
Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black -
Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black -
Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black -
Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black -
Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black -
Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black -
Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black -

Anti-Backflow Anal Douche - Black

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Anal Douche

  • Easy to use Enema fit for anal douching and vaginal douching
  • Crafted out of 100% body-safe and toxic-free materials
  • Unique dual-valve design for a clean and hygienic user experience
  • The smooth and thin shaft can be comfortably inserted into your anus or vagina

This easy to use anal douche from Spartacus is a must-have health accessory for all anal play lovers out there. By giving yourself an Enema, you thoroughly cleanse your anus before having anal sex. Thanks to its simple design, having an anal douche has never been easier. After you have used the Enema kit to cleanse your anus, you can enjoy clean and hygienic anal fun. Whether you’re giving yourself a prostate massage or are having anal sex with your partner, our anal douche is guaranteed to be the right toy for you. For all gay men and women who enjoy some exciting anal play, the Spartacus Enema shower is a must-have sexual health gadget.

With its two one-way valves, the Spartacus anal douche truly sets itself apart from other Enema showers on the market. Simply fill up the Enema bulb with warm water and a little bit of soap, and you’ll be ready to go. When you squeeze the anal douche, the base valve will automatically close itself. By doing so, you can be assured of leak-free user experience. At the same time, the top valve will open up. This allows the water to squirt out and enter your anus. At the moment you release the pressure again, both valves will close immediately at the same time. As a result, you can be assured that no dirty water flows back into your Enema shower. This unique dual-valve design delivers a safe and hygienic user experience for you to enjoy while giving yourself an anal douche.

The Spartacus anal douche comes with a sleek and soft tube that can be easily inserted into the anus. For more comfortable usage, you can apply a lube. The anal douche is made from FDA-approved materials that are 100% body-safe and toxic-free. As of such, you won’t have to worry about using it in and around the most sensitive parts of your body. Once the Enema has been filled up with water, you can simply slide it into your anus. Give the shower a soft squeeze, and let the water cleanse your rectum. Besides using it to cleanse your anus, you can also use this health gadget to give yourself a vaginal douche. This makes it a perfect sex accessory for both men and women alike. For comfortable and hygienic usage, it is recommended to use the anal douche on the toilet or in the shower.

This anal douche is brought to you by Spartacus; your online sex toy shop. All our adult toys are of the highest quality and are shipped discreetly in an unmarked package.


Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Total Length of Tip: 98mm
  • Inner Diameter of Tip: 3mm
  • External Diameter of Tip: 7mm
  • Height of Bottle: 95mm
  • Thickness of Bottle: 3mm

Please note: 

Clean your Enema kit before and after each use. Clean with warm water and mild soap. The product is recommended to be used with lube. Store in a dry and safe place away from children.

Package Content:

  • 1x Anal Douche