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WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover
WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll-Spartan Lover

WM Doll 163cm. (5'4") C-Cup Head #88 Sex Doll

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  • This doll is custom hand-made according to your choices. Production time is 28 days.
  • FREE discreet shipping Worldwide. Express shipping is available and takes only 3-7 days.
  • You can choose the delivery day by contacting Fedex or UPS once you receive the tracking number.


  • This girl is all yours... Do whatever you want to her, whenever you want! Act out all your fantasies!
  • Incredibly lifelike and fully-posable from head to feet
  • Lean body with a realistic ribbed mouth, vagina, and anus

She may look sweet and innocent, but she will do anything you want! Thanks to cutting edge developments in material and design, you can experience a sex doll that looks and feels more real than ever before. This full-size doll is fully poseable, from her eyelids to her feet, so you can enjoy her ultra realistic mouth, vagina, or anus in any position you desire. She is so life-like that, with an optional Standing Feet Addon, she can even stay standing upright, completely on her own! Her perfect breasts will feel soft in your hands, jiggling as you thrust into her realistic holes. Run your fingers through her beautiful hair, play with her adorable nipples, and squeeze her ass. This hot lady is waiting for you to show her what she is missing out on!


  • Super tight ribbed mouth, vagina, and anus for unforgettable better-than-real sensations. 
  • Durable stainless steel skeleton with mobile joints - put the doll in a variety of wild poses!
  • Ultra-realistic soft skin for pleasurable touching, kissing, and cuddling.


Height: 5 ft 4 in. / 163 cm. C-Cup

Weight: 75 lbs. / 34 kg.

Full Bust: 32.3 in. / 82 cm.

Under Bust: 26 in. / 66 cm.

Waist: 24.4 in. / 62 cm.

Hips: 32.3 in. / 82 cm.

Foot Length: 8.3 in. / 21 cm.

Thigh Circumference: 18.9 in. / 48 cm.

Calf Circumference: 11.8 in. / 30 cm.

Ankle Circumference: 7.9 in. / 20 cm.

Wrist Circumference: 5.1 in. / 13 cm.

Upper Arm Circumference: 8.3 in. / 21 cm.

Leg Length: 35.4 in. / 90 cm.

Arm Length: 26 in. / 66 cm.

Shoulder Width: 13.4 in. / 34 cm.

Vaginal Depth: 7.1 in. / 18 cm.

Anal Depth: 6.3 in. / 16 cm.

Oral Depth: 4.7 in. / 12 cm.

Material: TPE with a Metal Skeleton.


Use only with water-based lubricants. Wipe down surface and clean out orifices before and after use with mild soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. Keep dry and powdered when not in use. Click here for the full Unpacking & Care Manual.


  • Guaranteed to be as pictured. In an unlikely event that there's an issue we can't fix, we will provide free return shipping and a free replacement.
  • Get financing through Paypal Credit. To apply, choose Paypal as your payment method at checkout. You will see a Paypal Credit option on the next page.
  • Buy from the most experienced sex doll company. We've delivered thousands of dolls.
  • Free lifetime expert support.
  • Support small American business with US Customer Service. We do not outsource what we do best!


  • Can I get a custom body or a custom body part or a customization not listed on the doll's page?

Because dolls are made in existing preset molds, the body shape cannot be customized. The only available customizations are the ones you see on the doll's page in the customization options.

Each doll features a unique set of customizations. Some dolls have more possible customizations than others. We list all possible customizations for each doll.  

  • Can I order a doll with a completely custom face based on the pics I provide?

You can order this on most doll pages under the "Head" section. You can also create a doll with a custom face from scratch here.  

  • Can I combine a body with a head from a different doll?

All compatible heads are listed on the doll's page in the customization options. All other heads have a different color, size, neck width, neck cavity depth, and are not compatible. 

  • Can I get a penis of a different size?

Each doll features a unique set of penises. All available penises are listed on the doll's product page. No other penises are available. Penises from another doll are not compatible. 

  • What penises does the doll come with?

All dolls come with one free penis of your choice. Additional penises are available to order in the customization options. 

  • Can I get a different wig?

We do not offer specific wig choices, but we are happy to accept general wig requests (short blonde, long brown, etc.) and will do our best to accommodate that. 

If you are ordering implanted hair, you can select hair style in the customization options. 

  • Which dolls have an oral entry?

Please use this filter: You can also find if your doll has an oral entry in the product description.

  • If I order a different head or a different penis, will it match the color of the body?

The skin color of the head and penises will always be the same as the body because we make both the head and the body at the same time. 

  • How do standing feet work?

Standing feet have three bolts on the soles which allow the doll to stand unassisted on any flat surface. No platform required. Standing feet help to pose the doll and prevent damage to the feet when moving the doll. For detailed information, check this post.

Some silicone dolls can have hardened Standing Feet Without Bolts. 

  • How does Full Body Heating work?

The heating element is wrapped around the skeleton. You plug it into a wall outlet using a cord that connects behind the doll's neck. This heats the doll to the human body temperature. 

  • How do articulated finger joints work?

Dolls come with wire fingers by default, but some dolls can be upgraded to human-like articulated finger joints, which add additional durability and allow ultra realistic finger gestures. 

"It's an amazing, sensual, and lovely feeling to feel my doll grab my hands and have his fingers wrapped around mine. Also, when we made love last time, we had our hands intertwined with each other's. For me, this added realism beyond my imagination, but I also like the sensation it creates holding hands when intimate; it's even a sexual sensation for me. His articulated hands feel like human hands, especially when he is warmed up."

  • What's the advantage of the EVO skeleton with shrugging shoulders?

The EVO skeleton features shoulder joints and double joints in various areas, enhancing the range of motion. This design allows for increased flexibility and more posing options.

  • What's the difference between silicone and TPE?

TPE is softer and it jiggles. Silicone is firmer, like muscles. Silicone is not too firm, it's not like plastic. 

TPE is less detailed. Silicone is extremely detailed and allows for creation of ultra-realistic dolls. 

TPE slightly smells like memory foam. Silicone is odorless.

Silicone holds hair better than TPE. TPE heads cannot have implanted hair, but silicone heads can. 

Silicone is heat resistant, so you can use a heating blanket on the higher setting.

Silicone is more durable. 

Silicone is more expensive. 

In short, if you can afford it, get silicone because it's, by far, superior. Silicone dolls always have soft anuses, and a soft kissable mouth can be achieved with a soft silicone customization. 

  • How does weight reduction work?

Weight reduction consists of foam core. 


Only three lines of dolls can have weight reduction:  

  • 6'0 Dustin, 5'11 Sebastian, 5'9 Joshua, 5'7 Lee, and others with these 3 bodies include it by default. The weight is listed with weight reduction because it's included by default. 
  • Devon/Grant/Louis/Dwayne/Denzel. The weight is listed with weight reduction because it's included by default. 
  • 5'9 Oliver/Logan/Dylan and others with this body can have weight reduction added in the customization options. The weight in their stats is the weight before weight reduction.  

This means that Joshua's lightest possible weight is 82 lb, and Oliver's lightest weight is 88 lb.

  • Are there any AI male robots?

There are no male robots yet, but there's a male AI with a voice call function. Download the free Kindroid AI app from Apple Store or Google Store. Use one of the default voices or upload any voice you like. Set the chatbot's personality to be as explicit, shy, romantic, encouraging, or supportive as you like. He can be any kind of man you want. Start the voice call and put your phone or a bluetooth speaker in his pocket. Have fun. 

  • Do dolls come with the clothes in the pictures?

No, the dolls were styled for the photoshoot by the photographer. They do not come with clothes. 

  • I'm looking for a doll with a thrusting penis. 

We offer thrusting penises with these dolls:

For other dolls, you can order our sex machine and put it between the doll's legs:

You can also attach a thrusting dildo using a harness.

  • What's the difference between a hard and a flaccid penis attachments?

Hard penises are normal stiff penises like dildos. They are usually bendable and have an inner metal core. 

Flaccid penises are not functional for penetration. They don't have an inner metal core. They are completely flappy. They are used for realism, especially when needed to wear underwear or tight pants because the hard penises, while usually bendable, still cannot bend too much and cannot fit into tight clothing, and, even when fit, hard penises still bulge excessively.  

  • If my doll uses suction cup dildos, can I use third-party dildos bought elsewhere?

3rd party dildos don't always fit, and they can damage the penis receptacle. They also don't match the color of the doll.

Our factory makes penises in-house specifically for your doll, ensuring that the penis fits without damage and that the color matches. 

  • What's realistic body paint?

Realistic body paint is permanent makeup to give your doll realistic texture, shades, and moles. Avoid wiping the doll with mineral oil to make the paint last longer. 

  • What's a ROS head?

A Real Oral Structure or Real Oral Sex head features kissable lips, an oral opening, a 6 inch throat, an attached tongue, and soft teeth. Some ROS heads also have a moving jaw. Check out this detailed article.

  • Can I see a comparison pic of X color vs Y color?

All available colors are shown in the "Skin color" section in the Customization options. Those are actual unedited colors for that specific doll. 

  • Why does the doll in promo pics look different from the doll in factory pics?

The promo pics were taken by a photographer with a professional camera in a studio under studio light. Then these pictures were Photoshop'ed. Meanwhile, the factory photos were taken quickly at a factory by a factory worker with a phone camera under bright fluorescent light and not edited. In both cases, the doll is the same.

As you can see in the photo reviews, you can easily take much better photos than what the factory takes. Also note that the doll always looks better in person, especially after you dust off the excessive corn starch, put those new sexy clothes on and settle him in the comfy environment of your home. So definitely expect more than what's shown in the industrial setting of the factory pics. 

  • Why do some of your dolls cost more than others?

All our dolls come with the same top quality guarantee. Prices depend on:

    • Size and weight;
    • Material: silicone is more expensive than TPE;
    • High-end dolls are created by the most skilled artisans, resulting in meticulous detailing and superior craftsmanship;
    • High-end dolls require more artists and more work to produce. 
  • How long do dolls last?

High quality authentic dolls last 10+ years. Some people have had theirs for 20+ years. Be sure to order from a reputable store.

  • If I order now, how soon will I receive it?

Please combine the production time listed on the doll's page with 7 or 30 days of shipping time (depending on the shipping method you choose). This is how long it will take to receive your doll. 

  • I want to order now, but I might be out of town or at a new address.

Dolls take 14-30 days to make (see the product page for the specific lead time.) You can choose Sea shipping, which takes 20-30 days or Air shipping, which takes 3-7 days. UPS can hold your package for up to 7 days, and we can hold your package in our warehouse for as long as you wish. This means you can order now and ask us to ship on a specific date or ask us to hold it in our warehouse until you give us a green light to ship.

  • I would like to ship my doll to a PO Box or pick it up myself. 

Fedex and UPS do not ship to PO Boxes. Please enter your normal residential address, then once you receive your tracking number, contact the carrier and request a Hold For Pickup. 

  • I'm in Canada, UK, EU, or Australia. How does Customs clearance work and are there any import fees?

We have shipped a lot of dolls to Canada, UK, EU, and Australia. It is very easy to receive a doll in these countries. There's a combined VAT/sales tax and a Customs duty that you pay at checkout. Fedex or UPS will completely take care of Customs clearance, and we pay all import fees for you. You just receive the package at your door.   

  • Can I split the total among 2 different credit cards?

Yes, if you pay with Paypal, you will see this option in Paypal. 

  • Do you offer financing?

Yes, please select Paypal during checkout to see your financing options.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide if you need more information: How Paypal Financing Works.

  • Do you offer a layaway plan?

In addition to financing, we also offer a layaway plan. If you wish to place an order using this option, please send us the name, size, and addon list for your order and how many payments you wish to make. We will split the total and send you invoices for each installment. With the layaway option, your order will be shipped once the balance is paid off. And with Paypal financing, your order will be shipped as soon as your doll is completed.

Even if you go with the layaway plan, we will start producing your doll in advance so he's ready by the time your balance is paid off. 

With a layaway plan, you can pay as much or as little as you want on a schedule that is convenient for you. Contact Support to request an invoice or pay any amount at

  • How is your store different from other doll stores? 

We are the only store that specializes in male dolls. A lot of our dolls are SpartanLover brand exclusives not sold anywhere else. We produce more male dolls than everyone else combined, and, based on this experience, we know more about male dolls than anyone else. There are a lot of fake dolls out there, dolls with defective parts, etc., which other vendors sell because they either don't know or don't care. They can advertise using the same pictures, but may send you a fake doll with a lot of issues and will disappear after the sale. There are a lot of advantages of buying a male doll from a reputable well-known US store that specializes in male dolls and offers a free replacement guarantee and lifetime support.

We also have the stringiest standards when it comes to determining the doll's perceived age, so we are known for selling only adult-looking dolls. You don't want to be associated with a store with a bad reputation in that regard. Support ethical and lawful practices by buying from a store that only sells adult dolls.  

  • Are you legit?  
A doll is a big investment, and we value your trust. To research our company, please check: 
We are proudly one of the handful of companies vetted by the world's largest and oldest DollForum (TDF):;

    Our return policy:

    Our address and phone number:

    Spartan Lover
    25 NW 23rd Pl Ste 6 #318
    Portland OR 97210
    (503) 567-9374

    Still on the fence? Ask us to send you pre-ship photos and videos of your completed doll for your approval. That way you will have extra confidence you are receiving exactly what you are ordering. 

    • It has been X days/weeks, what is the status of my order? 

    The production time of your doll is listed on his product page. If it has been longer than that, please contact us. 

    • I ordered air shipping. My tracking number says the label was created a few days ago, but the package still hasn't been picked up by Fedex or UPS. 

    The carrier is sometimes at full capacity in the city of origin. Please allow at least 7 days since the label creation. You will see a tracking update within a few days. 

    • I ordered sea shipping. My UPS tracking number hasn't shown an update in several weeks. 

    Your package was shipped with an ocean cargo company. It takes up to 30 days for the package to reach the destination seaport, clear Customs, and get picked up by UPS. Once picked up by UPS, it will be trackable using your UPS tracking number. After that, UPS Ground will take 1-5 days. 

    Please note that the estimated delivery date on the UPS website is incorrect until the package is in UPS possession. It will show the correct date once UPS picks up the package from the seaport. 

    • How do I get a rebate for a video review?

    If you see a rebate offer on your doll's page (it will be at the bottom under the "WHY CHOOSE SPARTANLOVER.COM" section), we are looking for a video review for this doll. If there's no rebate offer on your doll's page, we no longer offer a rebate for that doll. 

    If your doll qualifies for a rebate, we will be thrilled if you make a 2-10 minute video review with voice commentary and showcase the doll's parts (especially the butt because it is often ignored). We are looking for videos where shoppers can see the doll from different angles, the head with a wig on, penises attached to the body, etc. You can include some of the unboxing in your video, but mainly we are looking to see the doll from all sides when he's unpacked and assembled. You can find examples of video reviews at the bottom of the page at 

    Once you have your doll all assembled, please make a quick (2+ minute) video overview of his body, penises, butt, and face, preferably standing so you can show him from all sides. Be sure to mention that you bought it from Upload the video to Youtube with a link to our store. If you are having difficulty with Youtube, you can also send us the video directly. We will issue an instant cash rebate.

    • I received my doll, and have assembly, maintenance, and use questions. 

    Be sure to check our comprehensive Male Sex Doll Care and Use Guide for new doll owners.    

    • I think the carrier lost my package. I want my package or my money back.

    Out of countless dolls we have shipped, we have never had a permanently lost package. Sometimes (extremely rare) the package is temporarily misplaced, and you need to bring it to the attention of the carrier. Please call Fedex or UPS for any delivery-related questions. If you believe your package is lost, call Fedex/UPS and file a Lost Package Claim.

    If the carrier completes their search and declares your package as Permanently Lost (which again has never happened before), please provide us with your Lost Package Claim number, and will send you a replacement. We will not send a replacement if Fedex or UPS are still looking for your package, so please allow them enough time to conclude their search. For any delivery-related questions, please call the carrier.


    Where do you ship?

    North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and a few other destinations. If in doubt, please enter your shipping address during checkout, and you will see.

    How long does shipping take?

    US, dolls: 3-7 days by Air or 20-30 days by Sea.

    US, everything except dolls: 1-7 days.

    International: 10 days by Air or 60-90 days by Sea/Ground.

    Are there any taxes or import fees?

    USA: No taxes or fees.

    Other countries: There's a combined VAT/sales tax and a Customs duty that you pay at checkout.  

    Do you offer discreet billing and shipping?

    We certainly do! All items ship in a generic brown box that doesn't reveal its content. The sender's name on the shipping label is discreet and generic. Your credit card statement will show a generic name offering you a complete anonymity. With totally plain packaging, the only person getting excited by your delivery is you.

    How can I track my order?

    For ready-to-ship items, you should receive an automated email with your tracking number within 3 days of placing your order (unless noted otherwise on the product page). Some orders take a day or two longer to process.

    For made-to-order dolls, be sure to allow enough time for production as listed on your doll's page. Once the doll is ready, you will receive a tracking number.

    If you didn't receive a tracking number, please check your spam folder, then try to look it up at If you still need help, please Email Us.

    I ordered priority shipping, but still haven't received tracking

    Some items require a few days of processing time. Your package may be shipped with the same-day shipping. You may receive the tracking on the same day as the delivery. Please allow a couple more days.

    If your address is a PO Box, the processing time can sometimes be up to 10 days because PO boxes are only served by USPS, and they are slow.

    How do I cancel my order?

    Please see our Cancellation Policy.

    How can I contact customer service?

    Please contact us on our customer service page.